Jorge Doña


I am interested in describing biodiversity through environmental DNA methods and understanding speciation mechanisms in symbiont species. I use a multiscale approach studying from the foraging and population ecology of the species to the gene flow, community assemblages and cophylogenetic dynamics of host-symbiont species.


network.jpg PhD Thesis My PhD thesis is about the evolutionary ecology of the interaction between feather mites and birds aiming to understand the mechanisms underlying the diversity and the ecology of this ectosymbiont group. It will be solved with an integrative taxonomy approach (morphological + high throughput sequencing data), cophylogenomic, macroecological and ecological network analysis. PhD advisors: Roger Jovani and David Serrano.


Plumage and bacterial symbionts of hoopoes Previously, I’ve been working on plumage colour patterns and the symbiotic relationship between hoopoes (Upupa epops) and bacteria. This has been in collaboration with the Animal Behaviour and Ecology group of the University of Granada.


2014-2018 ”Severo Ochoa” Predoctoral Research Fellow (EBD-CSIC) Spain.

    2016 (4 months) Visiting scholar at Kevin P. Johson lab (University of Illinois).

    2016 (2 months) Visiting scholar at University of Florida.

2012-2013 M.Sc. Genetics and evolution. University of Granada. Spain.

2006–2012 B.Sc. Biology. University of Granada. Spain.




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De Rojas, M., Doña, J., Jovani, R., Dimov, I., Zurita, A., Callejón, R., Rodríguez-Plá, M., Evidence of cryptic species in the genus Tinaminyssus (Acari: Rhinonyssidae) based on morphometrical and molecular data. In rev.

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