Santiago Guallar


I fell in love with Neotropical passerines more than a decade ago. I focused my interest on their annual cycle and more particularly their molt strategies.


arbolunitarioPhD Thesis
I aim at reconstructing the evolution of moult strategies and unravelling the factors that influence molt pattern formation and variation in passerines. The approach involves unsupervised methods to reveal patterns and phylogenetic analyses to reconstruct trait evolution throughout the tree of this order.



IMG_1873CV |Education 

1992-1996. BSc Biology Universitat de Barcelona. 2011-2012. MSc Statistical Modeling. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona




1998-today Active passerine bander
2001-2005 Field work in the US and Mexico
2006-2010 Catalan Winter Bird Atlas coordinator




Books and book chapters


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Species accounts

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SCI journals


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Non-SCI journals


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Popular science journals

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